Project Background:

Humulin is a website for a diabetes medication. It has a section for doctors only, and a section for patients. This site is very design heavy and called for several animations as well, which created an exciting challenge. My role on this project was to build a set of pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This included several plugins that were leveraged for the animations. I worked on this site with one other developer and we established great team strategies that I still use to this day. Building a website by yourself is one thing, but sometimes it gets more complicated when an entire team is working on it. This website also had several very strict guidelines that had to be met because of it's medical nature. This called extra special attention to detail, especially regarding the exact characters and language used. It was a great lesson in "attention to detail".

Key Points of Success:

  • Built team strategies for working with other developers.
  • Successfully utilized some very cool animation techniques.
  • Adhered to the extremely strict guidelines for this website based on it's medical nature.
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