CareWorks MCS

Project Background:

This project is a website for CareWorks Managed Care Services (MCS). This site was built using WordPress and HTML. My role was to help build the templates for each page and it's components. This included the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as needed. This website had a very ambitious timeline and I'm happy to say that it was released on schedule! This project was unique because the entire site was broken down into components. Normally you would see that kind of thing with Angular 2 or React apps, but it was something new for websites. This allowed us to make each section more reusable and easier to convert to WordPress. In the end it was because we broke every page down into components that we were able to fly through the development phase and hit our deadline with ease.

Key Points of Success:

  • Learned and developed a new strategy of using components to speed up development.
  • Adhered to a very ambitious timeline.
  • Expanded my understanding and knowledge of WordPress
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