Bro-Split App

Project Background:

This app is a personal project that started with me trying to solve the problem of planning my workouts in a more consistent way. I couldn't find any existing apps that I liked enough to use, so I decided to make my own. This app was a great learning experience in so many ways. I gave myself a very ambitious deadline and vowed to just release an SVP (smallest viable product) to get started. I believe a lot of projects don't see the light of day because people try to start too big. They try to release a beta version with version 3.0 features, and they never end up doing anything.

Bro-Split is something I'm very proud of because it was completely built start to finish with my own two hands. I did all the research, all the planning, and all the execution. I used Angular and Ionic in order to build it because that's what I was most familiar with at the time and I really like the Ionic framework for hybrid apps. The initial launch is only for Android but I plan on releasing a version for iOS soon. Stay tuned!

Bro-Split App

Key Points of Success:

  • Singlehandedly built and released an app from scratch.
  • Established and maintained an ambitious timeline of less than 1 month.
  • Learned several lessons about creating, releasing, and managing a product in the real world.
  • Expanded my understanding and knowledge of the very popular Ionic mobile framework.
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